Complete frame repair and concours restoration

Our talented in-house staff of professional installation technicians can perform most required services including:

Foam and Cotton Replacement/Reconstruction
Felt and Listing Wire Reconstruction
Seat Frame and Spring Welding
Seat Frame Straightening
Seat Frame Media Blast and Paint
Chrome Polishing (NOT Refinishing)
Trim Detailing
Headrest Refurbishing

*Some seat frames cannot be repaired due to condition. *Upon inspection, replacement seat frames may be required.


We can refurbish your door panels back to original for you. The following refurbishing include installation of new panels, inner window weatherstripping, metal trim and decorative emblems.

Please call for details (208-461-5415)


Hot Rod Heaven is your one stop shop for the lastest innovative custom upholstery. We offer custom billet to recapture the essence of your car theme. Take a look and were sure you'll like what you see.

Image descriptionCustom Upholstery

Hot Rod Heaven's upholstery is a one of a kind high quality finish. We capture the interior beauty of your hod rod surrounded in Exotic leather and various textiles. We offer the best grades of carpet. At Hot Rod Heaven we take pride in our work and treat every project as #1.

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Image descriptionCustom Door Panels

Hot Rod Heaven's made to order custom door panels, choose or make your own door panel design.

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Image descriptionCustom Carpets

Hot Rod Heaven's Custom Carpets

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Image descriptionCustom Headliners

Hot Rod Heaven's Custom Headliners

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Image descriptionCustom Seats

Hot Rod Heaven's Custom Seats

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Image descriptionBillet Accessories

Billets adds the extra touch to your hot rod. Hot Rod Heaven offers one off custom pieces to finish off your car. We will add your personal theme to your accessories.

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Ross Collins 1964 Black Cobra

Will be Premiering at Idaho's Largest Boise Roadster Show 2009
March 12-15, 2009

Visit: 37th Annuel Boise Roadster Show

Also being featured in February's Kit Car Builder Magazine


Estimates in person are only good for six months. The pricing of a job via telephone is only a "ball park" price. Prices can range a good bit from a mild to wild interior based on labor and cost of materials. Anything you add to the job will take more labor. Most interiors take six weeks. Every interior job is different even if they're the same body style of automobile. They will be different inside because of the the way they have been set up (wiring, a/c, seats, console, radio and so on......). When you call, it's best to have in mind the style of interior that your looking for (the kind of seats you would like to use stock seats, bucket, bench or custom built seats, console...). This way the shop can do it's best to give you a "ball park" price for the job. Tricked out consoles, bar stock trim and full two tone leather interiors can up the dollar amount easily.


Please call or get in touch with the shop well ahead of time for scheduling which can range from 6 to 12 months out. Make sure you have an appointment. It's better to cancel than to not have an appointment at all. Also, keep in mind this is when your car or truck should be ready for interior (see tips page on top). In order to keep your time slot, stay in touch with the shop. If you do cancel, the shop will keep you in mind and work you in quicker when you are ready. When it comes time to bring your car to the interior shop be sure to stay in close contact with the shop. There's a certain buffer time the car needs to be in the shop before the interior job begins. All materials are ordered after the car arrives at the shop. If you do not make your scheduled appointment, you could lose your place or go back three or more time slots.


Most high-end custom interior shops take Deposits. It helps keep their appointments on track. Make an appointment and not sending a deposit will not ensure your place on the list. Only a received deposit will ensure a place on the appointment list. Some deposits are refundable and some are nonrefundable this counts on the business you deal with. If you do not make your scheduled appointment, you could lose your place or go back three or more time slots.

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